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Our Services

Located in the heart of Paris, our factory offers several personalization services related to stationery: blocks, notebooks, inks, waxes, envelopes, padded boxes.

Blocks/Books: We are specialists in glued blocks. We can customize the cover, the inside of the block, the front page and even the color of the gluing!

Inks : Thanks to its centuries of experience, the Herbin brand is able to develop customised inks: colour, perfume, label...

Wax/pellets : Herbin also has a very great know-how in the field of sealing wax and brass pellets. With our engraving machine, we can engrave your logo.

Envelopes : Thanks to Clairefontaine's envelope production site in Etival, we manufacture several envelope formats and we also carry out the printing of the lining as well as the marking.

Padded boxes : Our bell boxes are entirely handmade in our Parisian workshop. You can thus choose your personalized format as well as the paper that will be glued inside and/or outside the box.

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